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PDF417 Barcode Scan Demo App

бесплатно is a demo application of 2D barcode scanning library (SDK) developed by Microblink team.This demo is intended primarily for developers and those interested in developing mobile barcode scanning apps, but also it can be easily used as any other PDF417 and QR scanning app.
Features:* Barcode types: PDF417 (2D Barcode), QR code, Coder39, Code128* Flexibility: easy to integrate API* Working conditions: low and poor light conditions* Camera quality: low quality and low resolution mobile cameras* Perspective: can shoot at an angle* Speed: 100-900 ms - depends on device and barcode size* Charset: unicode scanning library is ideal for different barcode reader apps like: boarding pass, personal identifications, payment slips, driver licences and other.
If you like it, check for downloads, source code on GitHub, help, pricing and more information on our web site: